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Research Activities


Construction Industry
Assessment of environmental damage due to the life cycle of new and renovated buildings (cultural heritage)
Waste Management

Environmental Impact Assessment of waste disposal in:
- landfills,
- incinerators,
- composting plants,
- mechanical and biological treatment plants,
- recycling plants.

Environmental Damage Assessment due to waste management in municipalities and local areas ) in:
·         discarica
·         inceneritore
·         impianto di compostaggio
·         impianto per il trattamento meccanico e biologico
·         impianti di riciclo
Agri-food Industry
Life cycle assessment of agri-food products: Environmental Damage Assessment due to cropping, farming and the production chain of their products.
Life cycle assessment of urban and extra-urban traffic. Environmental Damage Assessment caused by public and private vehicles in an urban or extra-urban area during working days or holidays according to  the different behavior of citizens.
Life cycle assessment of products on industrial and laboratory scales. Environmental Damage Assessment due to production, use and disposal.
Life cycle assessment of energy production: Environmental Damage Assessment caused by electrical and thermal energy production obtained from fossil fuel, biomass, and renewable sources. A far as energy production is concerned the whole life cycle of energy production plant is taken into account.
Economic Systems
Environmental Impact Assessment  of  the development model:
- of Countries or any kind of community (Districts, Municipalities, Regions), 
- of ecological systems (rivers, lakes, rural areas, mountain areas, parks),
- of services (schools, hospitals, analysis laboratories, hotels, social centers, cinemas, theaters, canteens, cultural events).

All LCA studies take into account the internal costs of processes, products and services as well as the external costs necessary to compensate for the damages caused. Social, cultural and historical advantages due to their use are also considered.
For each LCA study it is possible to make equations for the assessment of the damages caused by predetermined variables, without using a calculation code.